Father of Lies

What do you  But Then For The Good Of Some People, Sometimes You Have To Take A Stand And Educate, Inform People About The Truth.
You gain NOTHING by destroying others are pushing them down so RISE 
The truth is this: the thief cometh not to steal but to kill and destroy but Jesus came to GIVE life and life more abundantly.
Beware in these end times that you don't fall victim to the enemy.

Remember his is a wolf in sheep's clothing and Jesus makes it clear that the enemy comes as an angel of light but HE IS DARKNESS.

Scripture is clear about what will happen in these end times.

Deception is a tool the enemy uses to seduce.  He has been a deceiver since the beginning.

He seduces and lures people in to believing something that is not true and gives them false hope.

He is the father of lies.
By these fruits you will know him.

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