So called "Christians"

 Why do so-called "Christians" not recognize this whole, flawed charade is a satanic system.  All of it.  Like continuing to vote fo the lesser of two evils bringinging us a better world?  Are you kidding me?  If the last election was not a wake-up call for you- you seriously lack eyes to see!

Why do so called "Christians" continue to allow this parasitic institution deplete them of their financial vitality?  They steal the fruit of your labor through taxes and you call that good???  Do you really think you have control of your "money"?  A better question is: what are your tax dollars funding?  Can you really call that good?

Why do so-called "Christians" , who claim to be a divine creation from a perfect creator believe the lie that they were made less than perfect?  You believe you need to take toxic  poisons or cut your organs to perfect yourself.  What about the leaves placed here to heal the, no, no, they call that paganism.  Better not to learn too much about those pesky herbs and plants and fasting (that the apostles and Jesus taught about). Let's not forget all creation began in a garden....oops, did I say that????
Nevermind that there is also, CLEAR idolatry erected with doctors and nurses from the very beginning of this stupid hoax as well.  

Why do so called "Christians" who claim to be pro-life, recite scriptures about the abominations of genetic mixing from when the giants roamed the land, then inject themselves with genetic material from animals and human fetuses?

Why are these same so-called Christians" not speaking out when they KNOW they are being lied to!  You will babble on and on about spiritual warfare and say anything to put your focus anywhere but HERE!  How about you recognize the plane on which you stand!

For years, I listened to the "church" talk about the sin of the world but their complacency is no different. Quit sitting on your hands and take some damn action.  It is a bullshit, lazy claim that you have to "endure" because you are almost out of here.  If you follow Christ and are a servant of God that is based on a SACRIFICE OF SELF!  If you know the thing satan fears the most is standing in your power, why do you refuse to do soo?  It is actually our job!

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