More proof of the Mark of the Beast


︎2:25 It is 100% in the shots, it's irrefutable
︎3:14 "Trade secret"
︎3:55 Poisonous to humans
︎4:04 GO also a main ingredient in hydrogel - used AI research to create an interface between humans & the internet
︎5:31 4 lipids in the vaccines = biosphere
︎7:07 Pegylated lipids made in China by SINOPEG
︎9:00 Graphene can be a conductor of electricity
︎9:18 With a positive charge, it kills anything it comes into contact with
︎9:51 If an electromagnetic field activates a positive charge, the result is catastrophic
︎10:07 They are lying to the world
︎10:27 Why use it? Kingston says "it can host a magnetic field and connect you to the internet"
︎11:23 Shanghai Nanotech filed a patent for the use of GO in covid 19 excipients
︎12:40 Cognative dissonance - No one can wrap their head around this kind of evil. "This is a planned genocide"
︎16:54 - DOJ mandates

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