The United States Gov-earn-ment is a Joke at best

  The legitimacy of the US government is questionable at best. First, it rebels against the mother country, but having no recognized authority to do so.

Certainly no Biblical authority, since scripture itself tells us always be obedient to higher powers. The only Biblical model it has is the example of Lucifer, who rebelled to replace God.
Second, the existence of the government is directly based on the self evident truth that God has created all men equal, with the right to abolish governments that violate that equality.
Third, while the government declares God's authority in the courts for the government itself, it allows no right of the individual to challenge that government in the name of the same God.
God is not allowed as evidence.
The Bible says there will be an anti-Christ who magnifies himself above all that is God.
The US fits the bill. It magnifies itself above all authority granted, and claims the authority of God while prohibiting all education about God within either government or the schools. It is a government ordained by the people, in which discussion of the source of that authority is not allowed.

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