Transhumanizing vaccine

Do NOT take this vaccine. If you do you willl be a slave and not longer be a human being.  This isn’t conspiracy “theory” it’s a conspiracy FACT!! 

Here’s a compilation of endless evidence that this vaccine is going to change your DNA and is a part of a transhuman agenda to literally enslave the human race. To summarize, this is what the Covid-19 vaccine will do: 

- It will alter your DNA and make you into a GMO through nanotechnology and crispr technology, which is the first step in their transhumanist goals they have been talking about openly in the mainstream to see humans fully merged with machine by the year 2030. 
- It will put biosensors into your body through hydrogel technology that can read your body activity data as well as brain waves. It will have the ability to both extract and implant information into your body and brain through the internet which will soon be the 5G cloud network. 
- The vaccine will come with a digital ID (see ID2020 and Trust Stamp) that will have your vaccination records and the ability to receive cryptocurrency from the 5G blockchain network that you will use your finger prints and facial recognition to buy things with.  This will be the one world cryptocurrency system after the economy collapses which has been planned to usher all of this in.
- You literally won’t have a mind of your own if you take this vaccine and you’ll be a slave to the 5G cloud network.  The Microsoft cryptocurrency patent number for this new world economic system is #WO/2020/060606. Whatever your spiritual beliefs are, the 3 sixes at the end of that patent should scare you. Read the patent information for yourself below and see how ominous it sounds. None of this is science fiction. It’s all real, as the following links will show you.