Thoughts As A Nurse

I’m an RN who knows many other registered nurses that travel all over the US, and hospitals everywhere (including in NYC) are more than half empty (even in ICU’s).
There is inconsistency with what they say (official narrative), and their story does not hang together with itself. We must utilize logical and scientific analysis with this situation. If their claims are reduced to absurdity, we have a moral duty to ignore and even oppose them. In logic, this is called “reductio ad absurdum,” which is to play their claims out consistently to show their absurdity. They claim this virus is airborne, and yet tell people to socially distance and wear basic surgeons masks, as if that would help against airborne particulates. Those masks only help protect against droplet (say it, don't spray it principle), and if wearing a mask, you should be able to give people hugs. You'd not need to worry about hugging, even without a mask, as long as the person doesn't sneeze or cough on your face, or speak like Daffy Duck. It’s also inconsistently funny how people are wearing permeable surgeons masks and not wearing sealed goggles around the moist membranous portal of entry for infection called eyes. They are called surgeons masks for a reason. They are for SURGEONS, because the surgeon has someone’s blood stream open right in front of them. The surgeon general even went on record saying that wearing masks will increase your chances of getting the virus. Now, If the virus were airborne (experts disagree that it even is airborne) with a hang time of a few minutes, a person could be a football field away, and you could still inhale this micro-particulate they left in that spot minutes ago. And when it eventually settled to a physical surface, surfaces would be contaminated. This means (if they were consistent), grocery stores would not be open (even sanitizing all food items every hour would not be good enough), every animal (squirrel, raccoon, bird, deer, BATS, etc) in the wild would need to be caught and tested. Also, once you test the animals in the wild or pets, you may have just transmitted it to the animal (because you can supposedly transmit unknowingly while not having any symptoms), and therefore, we just need to kill every animal in the wild, sanitize sidewalks and buildings, and lawns, and fields, etc (as once it settles outside, the wind could kick it back up in airborne mode). This is nothing more than irrational fear used to control people, at any time, as supposed new strains of this or that boogeyman can arise and even without symptoms in the host, and now you can supposedly be an international threat to humanity, for just existing, UNLESS you COMPLY... So, if it is not airborne, and just droplet transmissible, then just have everyone who is immune deficient to wear a mask when closer than 6 feet to each other (for a few months only). Shutting down society is not only illogical, and unscientific, but immoral (way more suffering and death will happen due to shutting down, than even the contrived numbers they attribute to the boogie man "virus"). As a follower of Christ (if you claim to be one), you have a mandate to educate yourself to see the actual truth and to be brave enough to do something (not idolizing money). People are starving in South Africa and Lebanon, and many other places, in large part due to this “crisis.” The UN has projected that 130 million additional people will be on the brink of starvation worldwide by the end of the year because of the lockdown’s economic ramifications (and most will die)!!! Those numbers are absolutely insane, and that there many more millions who will die for other reasons associated with the lockdown, and yet our “leaders” are doing this for our “benefit.” The hospital emergency rooms are filled with 5X the amount of psyche related suicidal attempts and anxiety attacks as previous (consistently), and people are turned into clinical level germaphobes, hypochondriacs, and people with OCD (hand washing anxiety, etc). It also seems as if the higher international string pullers want the main point of connection (face) with other human citizens (besides physical touch), to be covered with a mask and 6 feet of physical distance. This makes us more separated from each other -----> Divided we fall. They want us suspicious of each other, and in a state of generalized anxiety (which happens to reduce immune function-our only real defense againstillness). This brings me to another issue I have, in how they supposedly knew there was an outbreak at all. With such a basic symptomology of cough, fever, and weakness, and in more severe cases, shortness of breath, there would have never been any way for them to know the origin or source of this supposed organism. There would be no way to know of “patient zero.” There would have to likely be 1/2 a million or more additional cases worldwide (above and beyond 2 million cases of the very similar annual recorded deaths from flu and tb) before there’d be enough of a red flag raised in order to dig deeper and find out what is going on. The umbrella of diagnosis is easily large enough to cover several hundred thousand extra deaths with flu, tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc, without any suspicious warrant to bring in groups like WHO or CDC. That they supposedly “know” the source being a Market in Wuhan and bat soup, is tremendously suspect and doesn’t line up with the reality of the details of our normal operations of things. Either it is as the talking heads song says that it is “the same as it ever was,” and we do not have a new threat on our hands (but that they wanted to induce a false crisis and do Monte Carlo with death numbers due to other things), or it was intentionally manufactured and weaponized. Add to this, that for all I’ve been taught in my nursing school microbiology classes, etc, separating us (social distancing) will only make this problem more drawn out and lengthy. Herd immunity is a principle which encourages us to mingle, so that people who have stronger immune systems produce autoimmunity through exposure and then become zero threat to those with compromised immune systems. So why in the hell aren’t we just recommending to have the very aged or those with immune dysfunction, to stay socially distanced or to wear a mask? Hmmm... With how fast this supposedly spread across the entire world (Superman virus like a speeding bullet), it’s not a matter of if you’ll get it but when, so we might as well mingle and get it over with. Then, if you look into it, you’ll see that we have had pandemics of much greater magnitude, every year, for decades and decades past and currently. Tuberculosis kills 1.5 million every year and flu kills 0.5 million every year (worldwide). That’s 2 million deaths every year for just 2 disease processes that are almost identical (if not exactly identical) to what the presentation of symptoms looks like for CV. And yet, we have never even considered shutting down even 1 country, let alone the whole world for this, which kills 6x as many people as they claim as a death toll for CV. As a side note, 5 million die from cigarettes each year, and we have never considered shutting down the cigarette industry. In 4 months time, they have manufactured 330k death numbers attributed to CV. They could easily contrive the numbers and cloak actual death numbers with tuberculosis, flu, and pneumonia, etc. You see, There is an unscientific numbers game they play which reveals the outright lies told to inflate the death numbers. The death toll is tapering off or “flattening” at this time, according to reports. But, There are several problems with the figures we are given. #1 Why would you trust known liars (WHO, “news” media, etc). #2 Birx said those dying with c0vid, are counted as dying from it. #3 naso-pharyngeal testing methods have proven inaccurate #4 USC discovered through antibody testing that most people already have antibodies against CV and they never experienced any sickness, which shows that the death rate (even if we grant their bogus numbers) is far less than previously stated, to the tune of 0.02, or 1 out of 5,000. Added to this, their testing does not follow Koch’s postulates (look this up, as it is crucial information), etc, etc, which means this is all non scientific horse manure. It’s so stupid how they say nurses are on the “front lines” or in a “war zone” and are “heroes.” I’m keep thinking "please stop with that". If anything, their jobs got significantly easier since the scam started. There are less patient admissions (a labor intensive task) and there is a lower patient to nurse ratio. Trust me, they are anything but heroes. In fact, they should actually be embarrassed to be a nurse these days. People are not trusting the medical institutions and paradigm near as much (and rightfully so) for going along with this insanity. There should be more than just a few hundred doctors and nurses speaking out. The censorship here on youtube and other platforms is real, including the censorship at the job, which produces fear of losing money, but I’m sorry, dumb and/or knowledgeable sell outs are not heroes. Lastly, I want to point out that everyone believes in “conspiracies.” It’s just a question of which ones. Certainly some are more flaky or far fetched than others. But, all a “conspiracy” is, is people secretly doing or planning to do bad things. That’s it. If you don’t believe in conspiracies, then you are naive to reality and not keen to human nature. Please keep that in mind, and don’t attempt to use the term in a derogatory way, lest you show your ignorance of what the word even means.