⚡️⚡️Fauci - 5G - Coronavirus⚡️⚡️

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci’s National Institute of Health (NIH) released the findings of a study that indicates 5G TECHNOLOGY can produce CORONAVIRUS in human cells.

In Fauci’s NIH research, they show that 5G millimeter waves can be absorbed by dermatologic cells acting like antennas, transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing CORONAVIRUS in biological cells. 

The international study on the National Institute of Health website found that 5G technology is absorbed by skin cells and can alter DNA in a way that actually produces CORONAVIRUS within the human body.

The study, jointly produced by scientists from Guglielmo Marconi University, Central Michigan University and First Moscow State Medical University, claims that 5G millimeter waves stimulate DNA in a way that causes cell nuclei to produce CORONAVIRUSES.

STUDY: 5G Technology and Induction of Coronavirus in Skin Cells:

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